Jano González

My Favorite Music of 2023

01 Jan 2024

These are some of my favorite albums and singles of last year.

The selection criteria is simple:

Bestial Devastation / Morbid Visions - Cavalera Conspiracy

Classic South American Metal aggression refined for the 21th century. Max and Iggor Cavalera re-record the first 2 Sepultura releases, Bestial Devastation from 1985 and Morbid Visions from 1986.

The production is modern but preserves 80s stylistic choices like high pitched toms and vocals with lots of reverb. They also avoid the over-compressed sound of modern Metal.

Get Up - New Jeans

One of my first contacts with K-Pop. A short and sweet pop EP with catchy songs around the two minutes mark. You can find in it influences from Drum & Bass, 2-step Garage, Jersey Club and other types of dance music.

PURGE - Godflesh

The pioneers of Industrial Metal are back with another solid album. Two people and a drum machine are enough to create a heavy and oppressive atmosphere.

Rarezas (En Vivo) - Los Tres

Los Tres is one of the fundamental Chilean bands of the 90s.

This live album compiles 23 songs from the Rarezas tour that focused on their less played songs. Having a live version of Feliz de Perder is reason enough to justify this album.

Baddadan - Chase & Status ft. IRAH, Flowdan, Trigga & Takura

In a room7 F760 - Aphex Twin

今年こそギャル〜初夏ver.〜(Be the GAL~Early Summer ver.~) - HANABIE.


Do Hot Girls Like Chords? - KNOWER

Dreamin’ - YonYon ft. SUMIN